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Crystals for Confidence ~ Self Empowerment ~  Self-Worth

Carnelian ~ Sunstone ~ Rose Quartz

At some stage in our lives, we all have had something or someone that can bring us down and causes us to question our true potential. For some it easy to brush it off but for others, it is not and as a consequence, we face a letdown or damage to our sacral chakra. Our Sacral Chakra is our most powerful part of one's mind, body, and spirit that aligns us to the world. Oftentimes, if your sacral chakra is not balanced then we feel negative effects in our lives such as insecurity, self-doubt, and self-disapproval.

Raising Your Self-Worth with Crystals for Confidence

Carnelian works to activate the first three chakras in order to cultivate your spirit of creativity. It is one of our favorite crystals for confidence and raising your self-worth. Carnelian is the stone of courage, vitality, sexuality, action, and confidence in action. It is very useful in restoring your sacral chakra and encouraging self-confidence. This stone creates harmony between your mental focus and a creative inspiration allowing you to work freely and efficiently. The presence of a carnelian can also bring you luck and opportunity. Carnelian can aid in helping to open your heart and connect you to your inner self. It directs your will power, grounds and balances your Base Chakra by giving you courage and fluency of speech and is a powerful healer. Its energy is warm, joyous, invigorating, uplifting and open!

Sunstone carries light and happy energies from the earth and sun. Brings joy & sweetness back into your life. It lets the sunshine again in times of darkness. It increases your personal power, brings blessings, and protection. Sunstone gives you strength and nurtures your leadership qualities. As one of Earth’s healing stones, the sunstone truly reflects the energy of solar light and offers openness, warmth, mental clarity, and blessings to you and others close to your heart. The sunstone ignites your passion and energizes your sacral chakra to reinforce your willpower and rejuvenate your motivation. A good antidepressant it lifts dark moods. Increases self-worth & self-empowerment.  

Rose Quartz the stone of unconditional love. Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love. It radiates gentle, soothing vibrations with the energy of unconditional love and peace that regulate your emotions and restore your emotional nature after overwhelming events. It attracts harmonious, long-term relationships by opening your heart chakra. Rose quartz opens the gateway to your heart allowing you to be a vision of love and beauty. Encourages self-forgiveness & trust.

How to use your Crystals for Confidence

  • Wear your crystals around your neck, allowing them to fall close to your heart.
  • Mediation in the morning to connect yourself with your crystal for confidence. Find a quiet space and sit comfortably to connect with your crystal. You may hold your crystal in the palm of your hand or place it on the ground in front of you.
  • Place your crystal on your office desk at work, or throughout the rooms in your home to serve as a visual reminder that you are worthy and confident.
  • Carry your crystals for confidence with you in your purse or pocket to connect with their energy through the day. Each time you touch your crystal, visualize it bringing you luck and raising your spirits and self-worth.

Your self-confidence, sense of self-worth, and constant self-empowerment are essential in promoting your success. Always remember to stay true to who you are, and keep steady as you face new challenges. There may still be a few defeats along the way, but so long as you stay mindful, nothing can diminish your inner confidence or deter you from pursuing your passion.

Love and light,
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