Come to Charlie's Psychic Mediumship Reading to learn more. Charlie communicates with her spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to explain and provide guidance on any unanswered questions you may have. Charlie will utilize a variety of psychic techniques, including crystals, oracle and tarot cards, and mediumship. Connect with your loved ones to receive the next stage in your growth and journey.

Charlie's intuitive gift appears as the ability to read, hear, see, and feel the energies surrounding people's past, present, and possible futures. I say this 'possible' since our fates can change in the blink of an eye; nothing is set in stone.

Charlie tunes in and picks up on information that can enrich and support my clients' life path, much like turning on a radio dial to pick up signals.

Charlie is only the messenger; nothing comes from Charlie; yet Charlie supplements the confidential meetings by offering a sympathetic, safe, and supportive environment.

So, whether you're looking for clarity, spiritual healing, or spiritual direction Charlie is here to assist and support you on your journey, and Charlie can't wait to hear from you.

These are some of the areas Charlie works within Charlie holistic and energy sessions:

  • spiritual healing physical symptoms,
  • release trauma, emotions, grief,
  • release limiting beliefs, fears, conditioning, patterns
  • release the old limiting story and identity and bring in a new story/identity
  • heal childhood trauma and emotions
  • remove and heal generational trauma
  • heal and cut past life trauma, emotions, and illnesses.

Charlie is very passionate about bringing change, acceptance, and healing to her clients and most importantly teaching and empowering each client she works with.

Charlie uses some or all of the following during a Reading to help provide direction, understanding, and clarity on Career - Relationship - Wealth - and Life Direction.


Charlie's readings are heart-centered because she blends her Psychic talents of Clairvoyance (clear vision), Clairaudience (clear hearing), and Clairsentience (clear feeling) with Oracle / Tarot Cards to reveal past, present, and future occurrences. As a result, this information and understanding will assist and empower you.


Charlie's Mediumship skill allows her to connect with the energy of loved ones or friends who have passed on and are now living in Spirit. Any messages or information received by Charlie will be forwarded. This can provide tranquility, calm, healing, or resolution. In addition, it demonstrates that Life and Love are eternal. There is no guarantee as to who will appear because it is dependent on the energy of both you as well as others in the Spirit world.


Charlie has gained numerous Spiritual tools throughout the years that she has found to be quite helpful in encouraging people to connect with their own inner Spirit. Spiritual Guidance with Charlie is fulfilling and enlightening resulting in a sense of self-awareness.

Psychic Medium

Face to Face Readings

Face-to-face readings are conducted with your privacy and confidentiality in mind. Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, these readings offer a relaxed atmosphere, allowing comfort for the seeking of clarity, and for the unfolding of issues of concern. 

Cost - $150

Duration - 60 Minutes

Zoom & FaceBook Messenger Readings

Zoom (Recorded) & FaceBook Messenger Readings are popular choices as they are able to be done from wherever it is, that you may be situated. When it is hard to do a Face to Face reading and time is limited, they offer flexibility to the busy lifestyle and schedule. Readings can be conducted locally, interstate, and internationally. 

Cost - $150

Duration - 60 Minutes

All readings are for guidance purposes only.

I respect your privacy and will not share your contact details with a third party.

Love, Light and Healing, 


Psychic Medium, Akashic Records Affiliate, and Crystal Healer

Psychic Mediumship Readings

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