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Creating Your Crystal Grid

Creating Your Crystal Grid

Creating Your Crystal Grid

Crystal grids and manifesting your intentions. Crystal grids are a wonderful tool to use when you wish to manifest your goals and intentions. They allow you to utilize the energy of several stones at once. Combining these with the geometry of the grid itself and the intentions you set, will strengthen your focus.

Instructions for enhancing your Crystal Grid

  1. Set a clear intention for your Crystal Grid formation, this will assist in empowering and energizing your crystals
  2. Write your intention on a piece of paper or on the back of an image that depicts your intention 
  3. Find a sacred space to set up your Crystal Grid
  4. Cleanse the area and the crystals using some of our recommended techniques in our Heavenly Crystals Online Guide, these can include smudging with sage or incense, full moon cleansing, sound through chanting or a Tibetan singing bowl, using our Heavenly Crystals Online clearing essence
  5. You may choose to open the ritual with your loving intention and then begin to place your crystals in the geometric patterns
  6. Center yourself and begin a visualization of your intention having already manifested 
  7. With positivity and a calm mind, you can close your ritual with a prayer of gratitude
  8.  You can visit your Grid throughout the day or each day to focus on your intention and give loving energy into the Crystal Grid formation

Love, Light and Healing


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