Heavenly Crystals Online appreciates your visit to our website. We are an Australian family-owned crystal business on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

If you're interested in crystals, we'd be delighted to share our excitement! All of our crystals are obtained sustainably from across the world and are available to our customers. I choose these magnificent crystals for myself and our customers based on my recommendations. We are pleased to be able to provide you with high-quality crystals, gemstones and jewellery.

Crystals have a wide range of therapeutic effects, including physical healing for the mind, body, and soul, as well as spiritual growth and development.

Each crystal is cleansed and charged before being transported to their new homes, and they have properties that are as unique to you as you are.

We are constantly adding new items to our website, and we have a large inventory that has not yet been listed.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us! Possibly, but we haven't had time to update our website yet. Look over our website; I'm sure you'll find something that appeals to you.

As an Australian small business owner, we value your support.

Love, Light, and Healing


Heavenly Crystals Online

Intuitive psychic/medium, Accredited Crystal Healer, Facilitator of the Akashic Records