About Us

We at Heavenly Crystals Online are grateful that you have stopped by our online store. A family in Australia runs our crystal company, which is based on Queensland's Gold Coast.

We would be happy to share our enthusiasm with you if you are interested in crystals. You can buy crystals from us since we source them ethically from all around the globe. On the basis of my suggestions, I selected these exquisite crystals for both our clients and myself. Crystals, jewels, and jewelry of the highest quality are available from our company.

There is a vast array of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments that crystals can alleviate, as well as opportunities for personal development and enlightenment.

Your crystal will have qualities that are as one-of-a-kind as you are because each one is cleansed and charged before being sent on its way.

Our website is updated frequently with new things, and we have a significant inventory that is not yet posted.

Get in touch with us if you can't find what you're seeking on our website! Maybe, however, we haven't had the chance to revise our site just yet. Take a look around our website; I guarantee you'll discover something that catches your eye.

We appreciate your support as small business owners in Australia.

Love, Light, and Healing


Heavenly Crystals Online

Intuitive psychic/medium, Accredited Crystal Healer, Facilitator of the Akashic Records