Crystal Clusters emit the most potent energy in the area where they are placed. Many crystal points emerge from one base to form a crystal cluster. Crystal Cluster promotes harmony and peace in all settings. Radiates energy into the environment while absorbing negative energy. They can be programmed and placed in locations where they can perform their functions.


They are capable of storing and amplifying energy within themselves. Because of their cave-like shape and numerous points, they diffuse and amplify energy, softening but not neutralizing it and allowing it to flow slowly. It is beneficial for personal growth and protection. Aids in the recovery from addiction.

Please keep in mind that small inclusions/pieces may come away from the sides due to the nature of clusters and shipping. This is normal because they are a delicate crystal, and it is not a flaw. If there are major breakages, we will, of course, issue refunds if photos are provided.


The bismuth stone represents transformation and change. It keeps you from becoming overwhelmed by your responsibilities while also increasing your energy levels. It alleviates feelings of loneliness and isolation. Encourages collaboration by assisting in group or relationship dynamics.

More information can be found in our "Dictionary of Crystals and Their Properties, with a Quick Reference Guide."

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