Agate is a beautiful patterned crystal available in many forms of caves, geodes, spheres and slices.  They are formed from microscopic crystals of quartz laid down in bands, creating a very stable crystal. 

An Agate Stone is one of the oldest healing stones and are often overlooked for healing. It is the perfect stone to carry with you to bring healing, strengthening and protective energies that balances & have the power to harmonize Yin and Yang.

Agates are grounding stones; they help you to obtain a better physical, emotional, balance, improving concentration and ease depression.  It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.  They help discern the truth, as well as work to raise consciousness and lead us to accept ourselves more by building self confidence. 

Agate is a powerful healing stone that can help tone and strengthen the link between mind and body, cleanse and stabilizes the aura by eliminating and transforming negative energies.  It as well balancing/use in conjunction with the chakra color system and restoring energy flow. You many use for meditation by candlelight and access higher realms or may help you have visions of your spirit guides. 

They believe that agate crystal meaning was one of spiritual protection, supportive energy for spiritual growth and confidence in your spirituality and could stimulate one's life force while cleansing their mind to make space for good luck and fortune.

Some caves and slices are dyed. This in no way alters their healing ability or natural vibrations.  Caves make ideal home décor pieces, bookends or paperweights.

Agate is a member of the Chalcedony family.


Bismuth is a base metal crystal that is grown to produce a rainbow color spectrum and geometric form. 

Rainbow color Bismuth can be a wonderful stone to use for focus, visualization and shamanic journeying. 

The healing properties of the element, Bismuth relieves symptoms of isolation, both spiritually and emotionally.  As a stone of transformation, it calms disorder and helps push changes in the direct direction with a physical vitality connecting to "all that is".

It activates and opens our root and crown chakras simultaneously for healing and spiritual growth.

These should both be cleansed using White Sage Smudge, Palo Santo or Singing Bowls for optimum vibrations.


Crystal Clusters are a beautiful formation.  It is one of the best healing crystals for it beauty, power, strength, and pure energy to have in your home, office and sacred space. 

Cluster formations have many different crystal points embedded into one base; the points may be large or small, yet each one streams energy.  It can radiate immense amount of positive energy and light due to the multiple crystal points to spread out, benefiting, cleansing, and filling the surrounding space and entire rooms.  In the case of very large Crystal Clusters, whole houses and neighborhoods will benefit!

These healing crystals are also very effective by absorbing and neutralizing the negative energy/vibrations from any environment.  It’s also used for protection for transforming bad vibrations into good ones.  It will radiate energy out, enhancing harmony and peace; instead, it will help your life force to remain positive all throughout. 

They can be programmed and placed where they can do their work. It has a soft, gentle, and uplifting energy that will help raise your awareness.  They can expand the mind to reach the spirit world and maintain a connection with the angelic realm!  It will work to support you, ground you, and balance you.  It will also send you healing energies that will benefit your body, mind, and soul.

You may use crystal clusters for healing or meditation for one or more people in a room.  This will energize the atmosphere and bring balance to the body/room and restore imbalances.  Clusters are wonderful used in distant or absent healings.  You may use a crystal cluster for cleansing and charging smaller crystals.  Great to cleanse and enhance other stone’s energies if left on them overnight.  Place an amethyst cluster beside your bed for a peaceful sleep each night. 


Crystal Eggs are symbolic of fertility, love, creativity, good luck, abundance and happiness to families and releases or emits healing powers slowly in our life.

Egg shaped stones are easy to hold and can be used in massage.  Can be used for scanning etheric fields, showing up cloudy areas.  Crystal healing may locate blockages, move energy blocks, help with chronic pain in your energy field and can draw pain out and away from the body with their pointed end.  

Eggs can also be used in grids. The shape allows itself to fit nicely into the palm of your hand during meditation, bringing calmness of the mind relaxing energies to our body system.


Crystal Points are one of the most beneficial healing crystals.  It is a power crystal that everyone should have in their home and sacred space. A quartz crystal point works on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—to purify, activate, amplify energy and clear your space of any negative vibrations.  They are one of the most powerful crystals for focusing and amplifying your intention.  They are very powerful for manifestation, helping to manifest your dreams, wishes and intentions much faster.

Placing a crystal point in your space is like adding a pillar of light, as they radiate pure light.  They are also wonderful crystals to have in your sacred space, alter or meditation space, as they help to cleanse, reenergize and raise the vibration of your space.

If you are looking to make crystal grids in your home, to manifest your intentions faster, try placing a crystal point in the center of your grid and placing tumbled stones around!  Placing this crystal over your written intention ensures that your intention if being constantly put out into the universe, even when you aren’t thinking about it.  You can create a very powerful grid by placing a quartz crystal point in the center and then having 4 quartz crystal points in the four corners of your grid. This creates a vortex of energy between your points to magnify the energy of your grid. Alone or working in tandem with other healing crystals, our quartz crystal points are an essential element for a harmonious, productive lifestyle. 

generator crystal is used most often to recharge other quartz crystals. They are considered a strong power source for other crystals, kind of like a battery. They are usually a crystal with a large point, with six equal sides and six equal faces that lead to one point.

Points at both ends - Radiates or absorbs energy simultaneously, stone of balance, bridge between 2 points, overcome addition/s.

Points – Abundance - Consists of 1 long quartz with many small clustered around. Place in wealth corner.

Points – Double Terminator - Points at both ends, radiates or absorbs energy simultaneously, stone of balance, bridge between 2 points, overcome addition.

Points – Generator - Generates healing and has 6 faces.

Points – Scepters - Used as a meditation tool it links the wisdom of the ages to now. An excellent healing tool it directs healing to the core of the problem.  Balances fertility problems.  They have come to bring the knowledge of the crystal power to the present day.

Points – Seven & Eight Sided Faced - These crystals stimulate the removal of obstacles on your path.  They bring order to your life and increase the energy of manifestation.  Melds the spiritual and angelic realms with the physical.

Obelisk (Pyramid Apex) - Connection with ancient Egypt. It stimulates the marking of time. Helps one to realize “As above so below”


Crystal Hearts are the most popular choice and are a really lovely way to enjoy the healing powers, metaphysical properties, spiritual, emotional, love and care as a universal icon. 

A heart shaped crystal bestows love and truth to the giver and receiver.  A feeling of peace and security accompanies this shape.

You may use a heart as a worry stone for your palm or meditate by holding them as they will bring peace and loving energies as the crystal type is amplified.  

Crystal Hearts with their soft loving energy are wonderful to have, to hold and to share with others and they make beautiful healing gifts.

They are a charming way to bring healing energy into your personal space and your home as they make attractive ornaments that look stylish in any room.

As you can see from the images below, each natural crystal heart is carved and beautifully polished to bring out its color and it can last a lifetime for any loved one.


A pendulum works by converting energy back and forth, a bit like a rollercoaster ride.  As it accelerates down toward its lowest point (its midpoint, nearest the ground), this potential energy is converted into kinetic energy (energy of movement) and then, as the bob climbs up again, back to potential energy.

A back-and-forth movement generally means the answer is “yes.” If your pendulum swings in a clockwise direction means "yes", a counterclockwise direction means "no". To begin using your pendulum, rest your elbow on the table and hold your pendulum so that it can swing freely.


Pyramids are a structure of Sacred Geometry.  A healing pyramid harnesses high-vibrational energy.  It radiates your intentions/amplifies to focus energy through the apex, giving immense power to manifest them.  We can use small energy healing pyramids for charging jewelry and amplifying intentions, while you can use larger healing pyramids for meditation.  The power of pyramids is useful for bringing new, vibrant energy to your intentions.  Pyramid power sends the intention out into the universe so you can activate it throughout many aspects of your life.  Additional prana, or life force, is brought to anything that is put under a pyramid, making it one of our favorite spaces for our crystals, jewelry and meditation.

Crystal pyramids can be placed on the third eye as well as laid upon the body to balance the Chakras to draw off negative energy, blockage and promotes new and positive energy to enhance meditation.  They are wonderful to use centered in Crystal Grids or layouts, as they can help to collect and focus energy.

Pyramids are a wonderful shape for decoration and are well suited in any meditation corner.  They can be displayed in a room to help balance the room's energy or to add focus during meditation.  Pyramids bring vibrant and loving energy to wherever it is placed.


Crystal Spheres are one of the most powerful tools used in crystal healing.

Crystal healing spheres helps to calm and neutralize many negative emotions, helping to put your mind at ease so you can focus on the positives in your life.  

Crystal Spheres radiate energy in all directions with a very high frequency of harmony and positive energy. Due to its symmetrical shape, it makes them the perfect object to focus on for crystal healing window to the past, present and future.

Place your sphere within your sacred space to meditate or use for scrying this can emit healing energy all around your home/workplace/office.  You may use as décor in your home/workplace/office to create a flow of energy and raise, ground or balance the vibrations.  Good for groups, encourages communication.  


Heavenly Crystal Online has a wonderful selection of all natural, tumbled stones!  Each tumbled stone has its own unique energetic and metaphysical properties.  Gently polished tumbled stones feature super-smooth surfaces, vibrant colours and powerful inner calming effects.  Tumble Stones are excellent to carry for their vibrational effect and healing benefits, or to use in crystal healing.  You will find that when you are attracted to certain tumbled stones, they will contain the physical and emotional support that your body needs.  We have tumble stones for stone collectors and crystal healers alike. 


Massage Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are a traditional healing tool of Shamans and healers.  Most wands are hand carved by man but have formed naturally.  Wands are believed to have been used by the crystal healers of Atlantis.  They are a powerful tool for channeled universal healing energy. The healing wands gather direct energy and transfer the energy of their crystal type.  Crystal wands have the ability to focus and direct energy tightly through their tip and are used to ground your basal intentions, focus and ambitions.  Crystal wands are very tactile and versatile!  Hold one when you need to focus or clear your mind.

Crystal Wand Healing Methods:

Crystal wands can be used in several methods of healing

They can be used to heal the entire body and aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body, or on a particular chakra.  They can be used to scan the aura and the chakras to locate blockages, and then cleanse and heal them.  Touch each chakra to instill energy flow and positivity.

The healing abilities of crystal wands are greatly expanded when programmed with intent.  When using a wand it is important to consciously allow Universal Healing energy to flow in through your Crown Chakra and down your arm to the wand. 

Wands can also be used in massage healing.  Massaging the body part for relief of tension or muscle knots with a crystal wand helps to release from the body; while at the same time the stone's healing energy is transferred to the body.  Smooth, round wands that are rounded on at least one end are the best to use in massage healing as they will not scratch or cause other discomfort to the body.  For directing energy inward use the smaller rounded end and to draw energy out use the widest point towards the body

Pointed wands are good to use in reflexology, body massage - a healing method in which the stone's point is held on certain pressure points, mostly on the hands and feet, to heal ailments in particular areas of the body.

Points – Double Terminator

Points at both ends, radiates or absorbs energy simultaneously, stone of balance, bridge between 2 points, overcome addition/s.