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These are some of the techniques I use to balance my chakras, maybe one will help you…

I enjoy using tuning forks and singing bowls on myself and my clientele. These vibrations can be used on or around the body to help restore balance, grounding, and calm feelings, cleanse and remove negative energy, and align the mind, body, and soul.

Singing bowls are available in several sizes and materials, including brass, crystal quartz, and bronze. They can be utilised for sound therapy, meditation, and crystal purification. They are the ideal instrument for encouraging calm, balance, and harmony in your house, body, or sacral area. They can produce a variety of sounds to bring the diseased and out-of-balance areas of the body, mind, and soul back to their regular vibratory levels.

Tuning Forks

• 1st chakra (root) – frequency 194.18 Hz – Grounding and stability, aids in releasing fear and guilt.

• 2nd chakra (sacral) – frequency 210.42 Hz – Creativity and sexuality, enables changes.

• 3rd chakra (solar plexus) – frequency 126.22 Hz – Personal power and self-confidence, enables transformation.

• 4th chakra (heart) – frequency 136.10 Hz – Love and compassion, helps you connect to others.

• 5th chakra (throat) – frequency 141.27 Hz – Communication and encourages expression.

• 6th chakra (third eye) – frequency 221.23 Hz – encourages the awakening of one’s intuition.

• 7th chakra (crown) – frequency 172.06 – Spiritual connection between you and the universe.

Singing Bowls

Each chakra has its coloured singing bowl that corresponds to your chakra:

• 1st chakra (root) – Red – frequency 396 Hz – musical note C

• 2nd chakra (sacral) – Orange – frequency 417 Hz – musical note D

• 3rd chakra (solar plexus) – Yellow – frequency 528 Hz – musical note E

• 4th chakra (heart) – Green – frequency 639 Hz – musical note F

• 5th chakra (throat) – Light Blue – frequency 741 Hz – musical note G

• 6th chakra (third eye) – Blue – frequency 852 Hz – musical note A

• 7th chakra (crown) – Purple – frequency 963 Hz – musical note B

Crystal Healing

Crystals are believed to help balance the chakras by emitting vibrations that resonate with our body’s energy centers. The use of Chakra crystals is intended to help balance and open your chakras, as well as to aid you in your spiritual path. Each chakra is associated with a different emotion, which is why crystals are beneficial in cleansing and energizing these energetic pathways.


I’ve utilised many YouTube meditations to help relax my mind, improve my mood. You might be able to find one to assist you in help improving your wellness with the correct meditation technique and focused concentration.


Whenever I feel stressed, I use this to calm me down. I would tap my thumb and each finger together with both my hands at the same time. Another process you may do is use the pads of your thumb/fingers to tap firmly but gently each chakra nine times, starting from your crown chakra and working your way down to your root chakra. You can also combine tapping with mantras if desired. As you do this you may say positive affirmations and accept any emotions or memories that come up. Tapping is also sometimes called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.

Energy Healing

When I conduct a reading for my clients, I use Lemurian Crystals and my intuition from my guides to see if there are any messages to pass on. My guides would send me messages to aid the client by intuitively determining whether the client has any blockages, cutting ties with past lives or needs to know anything about their body. 

Please keep in mind that I am not a medical expert, but I have been able to use my guidance to assist when needed from my guides.

On that said, I’ve merely scratched the surface because these are the strategies I have used. There are other forms of energy healing include Reiki, yoga, and others.

Love, light, and healing, Charlie, Psychic/Medium, Crystal Healing, Akashic Record, Past Life Healing

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