Carvings – Angels / Animals


Carvings – Angels / Animals



Angels come in many shapes and forms, always there surrounding us in love and guidance.  Never interfering, just there for us whenever we need them.  Be aware every minute of every day, as Angels touch and talk to us all the time.

Archangel Gabriel – White

Archangel Gabriel is an “Angel of Revelation and Communication”.  Ask his help to clear confusion so you can make decisions and have the strength to act on your decisions.  Communicate effectively to others and raise and care for children.

Archangel Michael – Blue

Archangel Michael is a “Head of all Angels”.  He is known for his exceptional strength and courage.  He fights for good to overcome evil.  He protects and defends.  Ask for his help to gain the courage to overcome their fears.

Archangel Raphael – Green

Archangel Raphael is an “Angel of Healing”, his chief role is to support, heal and guide in matters involving health and travel.  He is full of compassion for people struggling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  Associated with joy and laughter.  He also works with the animals and environmental healing.  Helps you to overcome addictions and keeps you safe while travelling.

Archangel Uriel – Red

Archangel Uriel is an “Angel of Wisdom”, he shines the light when there is the darkness of confusion.  Ask his help before making decisions, solve problems, resolve conflict, letting go of destructive emotions e.g. anxiety and anger.


Dolphins are “The Power of Breath & Sound”.  Dolphins teach us about the importance of breath and the flow of water.  They show us how to enter the waters of life, breath and then using sound to ask for our greatest desires.  If they appear to you or you are attracted to them, it is time to trust, flow, lighten up and have fun.


Elephant is a symbol of royalty, fertility, strength and power.  Elephant is all about caring for the family & community and having respect for all, young and old.  If you are drawn towards this totem, clouds are also important to you.  Elephants with trunks up, facing in bring abundance (health, wealth and happiness); with trunks down facing out bring protection.