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I have been asked by my clients how you know when your angels are around you.

Well, this is how I discovered that angels are surrounding me. Just maybe they are surrounding you too! You just need to have an open mind.

This is my experience and how I know…


I was in my living room when I first saw an angel. She appeared in front of me with her wings spread out. Her entire physique gleamed with a shimmering white glow. I questioned whether this was happening, but it was. She has been with me for more than 40 years maybe even longer. Her name is Chantelle. Whenever I need Chantelle, I will just call her and ask for help. I know when she is with me, and I feel at peace. She surrounds my body with the warmth of love from the divine light.

Throughout the years I have learned to surrender to the angelic realms that surround me, allowing my angels and spirit guide team to grow. Each of them has a special unique talent that will help you to grow as well once you have connected. You just have to ask.


I have experienced an angelic wing hug. When they do this, I will feel tingling, goosebumps, warmth, or even chills. When I conduct readings for clients, sometimes my clients would feel them too.


I often see a flash of shimmering white light in the corner of my eye; this is the angels’ way of letting me know they are there.


While walking outside, I always come across a feather as assurance that my angels are close. Maybe when you see a feather, you can feel or sense your angel or spirit guide near you as well.


Whenever I would read for my clients, I would often hear sounds. My clients asked if I had my children at home I would always respond “no”. It sometimes spooks the client. Or I will catch the scent of flowers or smoke that comes from a cigarette (my dad).


When I’m gardening or doing a reading, there are often butterflies around me. This is another symbol of angelic presence, and they are letting me know that I’m not alone.

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, it may suggest that your Angel or Spirit Guide is attempting to communicate with you. If you pay close attention to what they are trying to relay to you, you may just hear them.

The following steps can help you establish a clear communication line between you and your Angels and Spirit Guides:

1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle or incense and put some soothing music on to help you to relax. Make yourself comfortable in a lying position or a relaxed seating position.

2. As you focus take three deep breaths and close your eyes. Allow your awareness to deepen and soften with each breath. There’s no need to worry or strain; simply relax.

3. We are going to ground ourselves by visualising your root chakra (base of your spine) opening and a ground cord connecting to Mother Earth’s centre. Allow the energy to flow back up through your legs, looping to the ground and root chakra, and clearing any blockages.

4. Then, allow yourself to open your crown chakra connecting you to the universe and beyond. Visualise a golden light beam from the universe and beyond entering your crown chakra (top of your head), flowing down through your body, and exiting through your feet chakra. Then imagine the energy being drawn back up through your feet chakra from Mother Earth, traveling back up through your body to the top of your crown chakra, showering out into the universe and beyond, and then returning through your crown chakra, down through your arm, and out through your hand chakras. You are now connected to Mother Earth and Heaven’s divine light above.

5. Invite your Spirit Guides and Angels to assist you. Share your intention with them and give them clear permission to join you. Feel the connection with your heart chakra to each of your sacral chakra, solar plexus, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. Allowing your crown chakra to expand and enable your vibrational energy to rise to the divine light. Now that you are connected, you may ask questions.

6. What is your name? The first name that appears in your mind will be their name. Then start a conversation with them. With a little practise, you’ll be able to sense their presence, communicate with them, and receive their loving guidance daily!

7. What do you see when you close your eyes? They may show you their face if so, this will confirm their identity to you.

8. What does your Spirit Guide(s) or Angels want you to know right now? They may show you a sign of their presence.

9. Allow yourself to relax and don’t rush through the procedure. You may want to journal your experience with them. Spend time understanding and knowing your spiritual assistant.

Put one of the techniques you just learned into practise if you want to receive intuitive direction and enhance your life from your Spirit Guides or Angels.

Book in for a reading or ask me for information about crystals at the contacts below.

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