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My name is Charlotte but most people know me as Charlie from Heavenly Crystals Online. We started our business for the love of mind, body and spirit with crystals. My husband Michael is the photographer for our business and we have two beautiful girls who contribute in their own ways to the business. When they were diagnosed with autism, I was keen to find ways to support them and to create a business they could be a part of. So this is part of why we started Heavenly Crystals Online.  When I purchased crystals for our business, I would intuitively be guided by my guides to buy what I would need for our customers. 

I like to share my gifts as an intuitive psychic medium who channels information from my spirit guides and guardian angels. I have been working with them for a long time now which has been a blessing.  Before I got back into this work, I used to be a sales representative and in real estate but after many years, I realized this was not my calling. So I started to get back into what I love – readings and helping people with messages from above. I can hear messages from the other side and pass on the final message (if there is one).

How and when did all this start?

From an early age I was sensitive, but it wasn’t until I was about 17 years of age when it all made sense. I could sense someone there but could not see them. As time went on the doorway started to open and so did all my Clair senses. I could hear, see, feel, smell, taste and know. Being an empath, I could physically feel what people feel as well. 

I am an accredited and certified crystal healer, and also integrate the Akashic Records (healing past lives) into my work.

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