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People ask me – “how do I do it”, and “what do I do when I do a reading”. Well, this is the start of my day…


Every morning I would cleanse my body. I would ask for my Creator, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to assist

Then I would start by opening up my crown chakra to connect to the universe. I ask to bring a golden beam of light down through my crown chakra, cleansing and opening all my chakras – third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root.

When the root chakra opens, I would then connect to the centre of Mother Earth, ensuring the root is thick to keep me grounded. I then start cleansing my whole body by saying I remove all negativity, stress, pain, worry, guilt, sorriness, and what is not mine will go back to Mother Earth. As this happens it will then regenerate new energy. 

Use whatever words you resonate with. You may not feel anything, but you will eventually feel lighter – this is the healing work being done. Then I would put a protection around my aura by asking Archangel Raphael (pink Light) self-love, (green Light) healing and Archangel Michael (blue light) for protection.

Getting Ready For My Reading

When I conduct a reading, I always get myself in the right frame of mind. Through meditation, I connect to my higher self, my spirit team, and make sure I am grounded. Then I would cleanse my room where the reading is held, the whole house, and then my property using a purple vortex to cleanse and ground everything to this time. This is very important as I do not want any negativity energy in my property.

Now that I have cleansed, I am now going to connect and start working together with my spirit team. Yes, I have a team I work with as I cannot do this all by myself. I communicate with my Archangels and my Spirit Guides.

When I am doing a reading for a client, I ask my guides to communicate with their guides and allow them to bring in loved ones. I always say it must be for the highest good and work with Love and Light.

I always ask my guides to give information such as a letter of a name (or even a name), date, time frame, numbers, memories, smell or how they passed – whatever they can do to identify the person that has passed. Please remember they will only share what they want – I cannot force them to do this.

Before someone arrives, I would already have a message to give them straight away – about health or people that have walked in with them. I would also have a display of a crystal grid I was guided to put together – these crystals will reflect for the client what is happening in their life, and/or health.

I work with my Archangel Power Tarot Cards and Guardian Angel Cards for Loving Guidance Messages.

During a reading my guides would scan my clients and direct me to place my Lemurian Quartz’s on the area that needs healing. Some clients feel this by tingling, coldness or hotness but it can be different for everyone.

I also love doing Past Lives Healing as well. Have you found you keep doing something over and over again? Well, this could be a contract or an agreement you have brought through.

Overall, if any of this resonates with you, needing clarity, guidance or messages from above just call or message me as this is what I do and I LOVE IT…

Love, Light and Healing

Charlie, Psychic/Medium, Crystal Healer, Akashic Record Facilitator

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