Shungite Cube Genuine - 92 to 95 grams

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Chakra: All chakras, especially Base

Element: Fire, Air and Earth

Meaning: Powerful stone for Healing and Protection

Affirmation: "I am in perfect health and shielded from negative frequencies and influences."

Please note: The price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. Due to the nature of crystals, they may vary slightly in shape, size, color, and pattern.


Shungite is a very powerful, ancient healing stone that detoxifies your body by absorbing and eliminating any negative or health-hazardous energies. A Shungite stone can be used for EMF protection.

Shungite it has wonderful cleansing and purification properties, both physically and energetically. Shungite tends to dispel our self-harming or self-defeating patterns. Shungite offers us an aura of psychic protection because of its energetic alignment.

Shungite helps you spiritually detox from all the electronic smog. It neutralizes both sides of the body to bring balance. Shungite offers the best defense against the EMFs cast off by tech devices. Instead of going off the grid, keep your devices and just wear this Shungite bracelet to reduce your exposure to EMFs and free radicals. These black Shungite beads are composed of 50% to 70% pure carbon.

Shungite is a rare, carbon-based, noncrystalline rock that comes from the Karelia area of Russia, in a village called Shun'ga, from where it got its name. Locals have been using shungite as a water purifier for centuries.

  • Weight:  92 to 95 grams
  • Width:    33mm 
  • Depth:    33mm

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