Black Obsidian Compass Grid Plate

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Size: 0.395 grams
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Chakra: Earth Star & Base          

Element: Water         

Meaning: Purification

Affirmation: "I am grounded and protected."

Please note: These crystals are priced individually, selected intuitively, and may vary slightly in shape, size, hue, and pattern due to their unique nature.


Black Obsidian Engraved Compass Grid Plate is a captivating crafting material to employ. This stunning Black Obsidian Compass Grid Plate is an amazing addition to your meditation room, reiki room, spiritual work, metaphysical work, and devotional altar offering work. It helps connect one to the Earth Star chakra. Use the reverse as a scrying mirror, stand for crystals, charging/clearing plate, and such.

Metaphysically used for Manifesting, Spiritual Healing, Protection, and Energy Cleansing. This stone is said to be an extremely purifying and protective stone that forms a shield against negativity, protecting one from Psychic attack; strong grounding energies; connects to the Earthstar chakra; Opens psychic channels; provides deep soul healing from past lives as well as this life.

The compass points in four directions; North, South, East, and West, harkening back to sailors and ships traversing the stormy seas on their way home from a long journey. The compass holds meaning for a traveler, being a symbol of guidance, the ability to point you in the right direction.

  • Small
  • Weight:  395 grams
  • Height:   119mm
  • Width:    14mm
  • Large
  • Weight:  1.065 kg
  • Width:    180mm
  • Depth:    15mm

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Size: 0.395 grams
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