Cleansing Rituals Pack - Selenite raw wand, 1 Palo Santo, and 1pc pure White Sage

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This set contains 1 selenite wand, 1 Palo Santo stick, and 1 piece of pure white sage.

These components, combined with smudging rituals, are often used to eliminate negative energy. Our Cleansing Rituals Pack helps to restore balance and focus, allowing you to reach your highest spiritual potential. By burning sacred plants, this tradition is said to purify and protect against adverse energies. White sage, or salvia apiana, has been a key element of many Native American ceremonies and practices for centuries. Smudging with white sage is a deliberate act to cleanse and expel negative energies.


    Selenite is a powerful gem connected to the crown and third eye chakras. This stone, whose name is derived from the Greek goddess of the moon, is said to be associated with lunar energies. To cleanse and repel negative energy, glide a selenite wand from your crown to your feet. Alternatively, place crystals on selenite overnight to recharge them.

    Smudging is an ancient ritual used to purify a person, space, or object by burning Sage and Palo Santo. The smoke created from these plants drives away bad spirits, promoting positive energy. To smudge, ignite the end of the stick and extinguish the flame, allowing the smoke to fill the space. Recite affirmations and ensure the stick is fully extinguished before discarding it. Palo Santo Wood is sourced from the South American coast and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. It has pleasant notes of pine, mint, and lemon that lift vibrations and enhance creativity.

    Burning Instructions

    Light your Palo Santo stick with a candle, match, or lighter, holding it at a 45-degree angle and pointing the tip to the flame for roughly 30 seconds. Move throughout your space to clear energy, then place the stick in a fireproof bowl to keep its incense benefits. Blow on the ember to keep the smoke going, or smudge and wave the stick for longer burning. Ensure that the stick is fully extinguished before discarding, as this product is organically grown and sourced from sustainable farms.

    How do you smudge a house?

    Before you start, make sure all windows and doors are open so the smoke can go out, as you want the negative energy to be released back to Mother Earth.

    Start at the front door of the home and light your smudge stick.

    When lighting the smudge stick light, light the tip of the leaves, allowing it to burn for 5–10 seconds, and gently blow on the leaves to create smoke. 

    Hold in a heatproof container, smudge pot, or shell so the ashes do not go all over the floor or furniture.

    Slowly move among your rooms, gently waving the stick in the air. Fan smoke with your hand, smudge fan, or smudge feather.

    Move mindfully when you are going from room to room with care, walking clockwise around the entire perimeter of the home. Be sure to allow the smoke to drift into even the most hidden spaces, like inside closets, basements, and dark corners.

    If you are cleansing a room, move in a counterclockwise direction to banish negativity and clockwise for invoking.

    After use, gently extinguish the smoke in the sand or a small dish of water.

    Store it in a dry place for future use.

    What do you say when you cleanse your house with sage?

    Use this example prayer; you could simply say:

    'Sacred and holy ones, please clear this place of stagnant and negative energy.'

    Then you may say, after you are finished smudging, 

    'You can thank them and the sage for their help.'

    Smudging yourself or another person?

    You can also smudge yourself or another person by doing the same thing, from head to toe. Multiple bundles of White Sage

    Can you reuse a smudge stick?

    You may reuse a smudge stick, but put it out under running water. You may put the sage in the sun to dry out before you reuse it again, but if you crush it out, it will continue to smolder and be a fire hazard.

    Please take note:

    Healing and other properties given are for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace medical advice or treatment.

    Always use caution when burning smudge sticks; they are hot and will burn the skin and create holes in the fabric.

    If you are pregnant or nursing, consult a physician before using smudge sticks.

    Keep unlit and burning smudge sticks away from children and pets. Curiosity can lead to accidents and injuries.

    Burn smudge sticks in a ventilated area.


    This set contains 1 selenite wand, 1 Palo Santo stick, and 1 piece of pure white sage.


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