Clear Quartz Double Laser Wand - 223 grams

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Chakra: All Chakras, especially Crown

Element: Earth

Meaning: Clarity, Energy and Creativity

    Affirmation: "I am clear and focused."


    Laser quartz, or laser wands, is a form of clear quartz with a narrow base that gradually tapers to a point. It is a high-energy crystal that has been used in healing, particularly for alleviating discomfort. Laser wands can be placed on the affected area and moved away from the body. Additionally, they can be used to sever connections that no longer serve us and to clean the aura and chakras, while also creating a protective circle. Clear quartz is a highly versatile healing stone with tremendous power. It can be used to absorb negativity, attune to higher realms, and reduce pain. It is known to fortify the aura and contains spiritual knowledge to assist in personal growth. Clear quartz is susceptible to picking up energies, so it is essential to clear regularly.

    For what and how does one use it?

    Laser-wand quartz crystals are powerful tools for condensing and directing light. Despite some fear-inspiring accounts in literature, they only cut through auras when used with intent. In addition to many other applications, the crystals can be used for a variety of purposes.

    To draw out negativity, position the base of the wand on the target area and envision the destructive energy dissipating and converting into the light radiating from the tip. For enhanced effects, one may choose to utilize a gentle receiving crystal to capture and clear the negative energy once the approach is done.

    Broadcast positive energy into a region of negative influence by holding the laser wand, rotating it in a clockwise motion, and picturing a surge of white light flowing into the area in need.

    Quartz laser wands can be used for color therapy. For instance, placing a colored tumbled or flat cab or slice (e.g., amethyst) on the 3rd eye and holding the base of the laser wand against it allows you to project the amethyst color through the wand into the desired area. This technique is often helpful in re-energizing chakras that may not have reacted as well as desired during a body layout, providing an extra boost. You can also pair this method with another technique.

    Attach small laser wands to your fingers securely with rubber bands and touch them to acupressure points, imagining the light passing through the crystals. The advantage of using Laser Wands in this way is that you are not required to wait for the individual to exhale as you do in acupressure, while still being able to target multiple points simultaneously.

    Laser wands with singing properties are harder than regular quartz and often appear crusty. Gently tapping them together, or using just your fingernail on one, produces a high-pitched "ting". To use them, hold one pointing towards the body and gently tap the other. Move it up the body and note any changes in tone. When you reach a blockage, the pitch will be dull. Tap harder to release the blockage and continue until all chakras are clear.

    Visualize a Clear Quartz Double Laser Wand passing through clogged veins to unblock them. I have personally used this technique to free up a plastic vein that was inserted to replace another during a prior procedure. Varicose veins may also benefit from this approach. To amplify the effect, Aquamarine energy can be incorporated into the process to reduce inflammation and offer calming, soothing benefits.

    Naturally, you can modify any of the aforementioned techniques or devise your own entirely new methods!

    • Weight:  223 grams
    • Length:   180mm
    • Width:     58mm

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