Ocean Jasper Facial Massage Roller

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Chakra: Throat, Heart and Solar Plexus

Element: Water and Earth

Meaning: Self-confidence

Affirmation: "I connect to mother earth as it cleanses my body, mind, and spirit by utilizing the powerful renewing properties of the water element."

Please note: These crystals are priced individually, selected intuitively, and may vary slightly in shape, size, hue, and pattern due to their unique nature.


Ocean jasper is renowned for its restorative properties on the internal organs and its ability to flush the lymphatic system. These serene, calming facial rollers are full of physical and spiritual benefits. They resemble miniature paint rollers with rounded, polished stone ends held together on a decorative roller. The more oval end is designed to roll over flat facial surfaces such as the cheeks, chin, and forehead, while the smaller, rounder end can be used to target areas such as the undereye, eyelids, and nose.

This next-level gemstone beauty bar vibrates while massaging your serum into your skin. The extra vibrating touch contributes to the extra absorption of the facial serum, strengthens your facial contour, and improves skin tone and circulation.

These calming and relaxing crystal facial rollers are full of benefits, both physically and spiritually. Crystal rollers are shaped like teeny paint rollers that have smoothed and polished stone ends and are held together on a decorative roller. One side is noticeably more oval; its sole purpose is to tend to the flat facial surfaces—the cheeks, chin, and forehead. While the smaller, more circular side is for target zones (under the eye, eyelids, and nose),

The vibrating beauty roller helps to relax the muscles. It's waterproof and comes with a battery.

Physical Benefits:

Reduce facial inflammation, puffiness, and lines.

Tighten the skin and pores.

Even out and improve skin tone.

Anti-aging properties

Improves blood circulation.

Promotes lymphatic drainage. 

It helps remove toxins while brightening the complexion. 

Spiritual Benefits:

Stimulates clarity in thought.

Energizes, activates, and harmonizes all chakras.

Increase spiritual wisdom and insights.

Amplifies energy.


Approx. sizing each one may vary slightly.

  • Length:        140mm
  • Large End:   55mm
  • Small End:   40mm

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