Phoenix Generator Point - 101 grams

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Chakra: Heart and Throat   

Element: Wood & Water             

Meaning: Peace

Affirmation: "I am calm and at peace."


The Phoenix gemstone, comprised of chrysocolla, malachite, and Turquoise, is known as the compassion stone. It can bring powerful transformation and joy to its wearer, and Phoenix Generator Point offers an ideal way to use its energy. Not only is it perfect for adornment, but this beautiful stone can also increase creativity and joy in any space. Chrysocolla is known as the Goddess Stone, and it will assist you in finding your voice in the world. It activates the throat chakra and makes you more visible to the rest of the world. It recharges all of the human chakras and allows them to function at their best. It promotes self-awareness and inner balance.

Turquoise will assist you in discovering your inner voice. You will also become acquainted with your sacred voice. This will eliminate all environmental toxins and open up all chakras. This will also encourage you to take more risks in life.

Malachite is a one-of-a-kind colour stone. People adore it because of its vibrant colour. It eliminates the chaos in your life and tends to your happiness. This will assist you in starting a new and fresh life. It promotes life balance. It instils peace and keeps anxiety at bay.

This gemstone is well-known for its ability to aid in emotional healing. It promotes self-realization and attracts positive energy. It eliminates all fears and leads to a happy life. It aids in the recovery from depression. In a nutshell, it promotes happiness.

  • Weight:  101 grams
  • Height:   90mm
  • Width:    26mm 
  • Depth:    23mm

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