Pink Tourmaline Buddha - 42 grams

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Chakra: Heart

Element: Fire

Meaning: Release

Affirmation: "I am open to giving and receiving love. I am healed, and I am whole."

Please note: The price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. Due to the nature of crystals, they may vary slightly in shape, size, color, and pattern.


Pink Tourmaline Buddha is a perfect choice for a special present for you or a cherished friend. Pink Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for calming and healing emotional distress, clearing unwanted feelings, and releasing old wounds. It is said to relieve mental anguish, worry, despair, and nervousness, and helps foster self-love. Pink Tourmaline is said to engender creativity, and joy, reduce fear, and bolster self-belief. Furthermore, it is thought to balance the yin-yang energies, as it serves as a spiritual conduit between the physical and the spiritual realms. Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite) enhances and vitalizes the Heart Chakra, helping its user connect deeply with the Earth on an emotional level.

  • Weight:  42 grams
  • Height:   31mm
  • Width:    37mm
  • Depth:    20mm

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