Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl - Heart Chakra - Love and Healing

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  • Size:  8" Diameter
  • Note:  F
  • 4th Chakra:  Heart
  • Intention:  Manifest More Love in Your Life

Our heart chakra governs stability, trust, and our heart.

When out of balance, it is said our hearts may be closed, and you may experience jealousy, possessiveness, depression, loneliness, and poor boundaries with others. Common physical imbalances manifest as heart, lung, and circulation disorders.

Balancing your heart chakra with note F work allows you to experience more compassion, love, self-love, peace, and a strong and vital immune system.

Intention:  Create More Love in Your Life

The Note F Crystal Singing Bowl” is often associated with heart chakra healing, with crystal singing bowls creating a strong sense of worthiness and unconditional love. The gently mesmerizing crystal resonance from this instrument is ideal for sound therapy, sound baths, meditation, crystal cleansing, space clearing, chakra balancing, and more.

How to Care for your Singing Bowl

  1. Carefully remove your new singing bowl from its package and allow it to come to room temperature before striking or playing.
  2. Always wash your hands before touching or playing with your bowl to minimize oil and stains on it.
  3. When transporting your crystal singing bowl, always carry your bowl from the bottom with two hands. When going outside the home or office with it, we recommend a carry case that is padded and appropriate for its size.
  4. When necessary, clean your bowl with mild dishwashing or organic soap and distilled water. Use a soft bristle brush and dry with a soft white cloth (to make sure no color residue stains the bowl). Even better, leave your bowl outside in the sun to dry and absorb the solar energy.
  5. For quick blemish removal in a pinch, you can use rubbing alcohol and a soft white cloth and gently rub the areas you are trying to clean.
  6. Handle it with reverence & care. These bowls are high vibrational instruments & are alive with crystalline energy! We recommend connecting with your bowl as you would any precious crystal.

Quick Tips to Play Your Crystal Singing Bowl

  1. Place your crystal singing bowl on your O-ring or base (some alchemy bowls come with a silicone base) in a comfortable space in front of you.
  2. Hold your mallet between your two fingers and your thumb (similar to holding a pen) firmly but with a flexible wrist at about a 30-degree angle from the outside of your bowl, so that the edge of the mallet (the rubber, felt, or silicone side) rubs against the bowl close to the top rim of the bowl.
  3. Gently tap the bowl, and then apply firm pressure to the rim of the bowl as you go around the rim. Try to maintain constant pressure and speed so that you have an even tone. Make sure that your wrists do not lock up. Do not play the bowl extremely loud, bowls can shatter if overstressed.
  4. Practice until the movement feels natural.

What’s Included:

  • Premium Quartz Crystal Singing bowl with a pure, strongly resonant sound. Hand-tested and meditated on with love before shipment! Yes, we do this for every bowl!
  • Striker Mallet Included
  • O-Ring for Stabilization
    • Size:  8" Diameter
    • Note:  F
    • 4th Chakra:  Heart
    • Intention:  Manifest More Love in Your Life

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