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Chakra: All, especially Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star

Element: Wind

Meaning: Activation

    Affirmation: "My energy is clear and pure."

    Please note: The price is per piece, intuitively picked for you. Due to the nature of crystals, they may vary slightly in shape, size, color, and pattern.

    Selenite is a soft mineral that must be handled with extreme care and should be kept dry. You may cleanse or clear your crystals with moonlight or by smudging.


    Using a pair of Selenite Harmonizers during meditation protects and enhances your practice, adding an additional layer of power and healing as you meditate. When you hold the selenite in your hands, you immediately feel grounded, calm, and serene as the energy of light begins to fill your being. Each harmonizer is also beneficial to hold during pregnancy, specifically childbirth, to surround yourself with light & love, calm your fears, and keep you calm.

    Selenite is one of the few minerals that have the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. It has the ability to cleanse, purify, and align you with your highest potential, shifting your aura and vibration to attune you with higher energy.  It greatly magnifies the energy of any other stone that is placed upon it. Brings clarity of mind allowing to higher Angelic understanding.  It is a calming stone that installs deep peace.  It helps clear confusion and helps you to see clearly.  Non-judgemental is another one of its gifts. 

    There are a few other ways to use selenite and some are below:

    Use during meditation practice

    Keep close during a yoga session

    When experiencing heightened stress or anxiety

    Putting it in a central place in your home to cleanse and purify energy.

    How to Use Your Selenite Harmonizers

    As it protects and aligns all chakras, selenite is perfect for whipping your energy system and chakric field back into shape. Give your mind and spirit the boost they need with a selenite workout and you’ll find your enhanced mindset in tiptop fighting condition for combating negativity with liquid light.  By following these quick instructions you can start using your Selenite Harmonizers now!

    Sit in a comfortable position.  You will be sitting for at least five minutes holding your harmonizer so make sure you can tolerate whatever position you choose. 

    Hold each harmonizer in your hand, the way you would a barbell. 

    Take three deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, allowing your body to relax more deeply with each breath.

    Allow your breath to return back to its natural state.

    Imagine that two beautiful white lights are coming from the sky directly into each Selenite Harmonizer and through your hands filling up your body.

    While holding that light in your body, start to count each breath. Start with 1 for your first inhale, 2 for your first exhale, 3 for your second inhale, 4 for your second exhale, and so forth.

    Repeat for 5 minutes.

    Once you are finished, express your gratitude for the healing you have just received. 


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