Golden Sheen Obsidian Sphere with stand - 503 grams

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Chakra: Earth Star & Base          

Element: Water         

Meaning: Purification

Affirmation: "I am grounded and protected."


Golden Sheen Obsidian acts as a protective shield. This Feng Shui crystal is said to balance Yin and Yang energies, promote mental and spiritual well-being, and even expedite the healing of physical ailments. Golden Sheen Obsidian acts as a deflector and repels negative energy. The golden-sheen obsidian stones within the Protection Bracelet guard your spirit. Known as the “energetic watchdog,” this stone has your back.  Golden Obsidian is a variety of obsidian that has a golden sheen effect. Obsidian is a volcanic glass, a rock rather than a mineral. It is formed in the latest stages of volcanic eruptions. 

Obsidian's energy creates a protective shield that deflects negativity and repels attempts of others to assert power over us. It helps us to uncover our unique skills and hidden talents whilst releasing blockages to our spiritual and personal growth.

This precious stone does wonders for improving self-image and enhancing self-esteem. For those with confidence issues, such as shyness, Obsidian will induce personal development and allow you to overcome any obstacles in your way. A highly protective crystal associated with the guardian spirit that watches over us will protect you from any bad forces, psychic attacks, or evil intentions. It is an excellent stone simply to have around to absorb and transform the negative energies into positive ones.

This stone will help your mind to recover from any tragedies you endured in the past, and will help you to get past any hard feelings or fear that may have stemmed from these traumas. Obsidian will rid your mind of any ailments such as depression or stress, and replace it with calmness and a sense of security. Many use it to try to break bad habits and cravings.

  • Weight:  503 grams
  • Width:    70mm

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