Super Seven Pendant 925 Sterling Silver

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Chakra: All and Etheric

Element: Earth and Air

Meaning: Chakra Alignment, Channeling and Grounding Higher Vibrations

Affirmation: “I connect the powers of the celestial realm to attain divine wisdom. Let it be so."


This exquisite Super Seven pendant is set in 925 sterling silver and comes with a complimentary silver-plated chain. However, you can replace it with a chain of your choice. Incorporating healing crystal vibrations from the Super Seven into your daily routine can bring about positive effects on your mind, body, and soul. Super Seven is a gemstone renowned for its ability to tap into hidden potential, strengthen mental power, and awaken energy. Super Seven is an energizing gemstone renowned for its capacity to draw out
untapped potential. It's also valued for its ability to aid in the user's self-development and can help to amplify mental power. Crafted from seven minerals - Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, Goethite, Clear Quartz, Rutile,
and Smokey Quartz - these crystals are high-frequency and don't require cleansing. Meditation with Super Seven can facilitate access to one's higher purpose and how to integrate it into everyday life. Additionally, these stones provide protection and can dispel illusions, such as those concerning relationships, career and finances. With Amethyst balancing the crown chakra and Cacoxenite raising spiritual awareness, Goethite healing grief, Lepidocrocite releasing fear, Clear Quartz healing on all levels and Rutile cleansing the aura, you'll find Smoky Quartz especially helpful for grounding and shielding in times of distress.

This Brazilian Master Channeler Quartz Point is stunning. Phantom Quartz forms when other minerals encase the core of the crystal during growth. Pyramid-like formations emerge, granting the crystal healing capabilities. To
experience its gifts, hold this Master Channeler and reflect on a past trauma you believe stifled your growth. Channeler quartz can then help you to perceive it differently and make it a marker of your strength and perfection. Channeler quartz energizes and balance chakras, opening you up to higher realms of
wisdom. Plus, they facilitate healing and divination. Select this quartz for its radiance and fill your space with pure energy and light.

Super seven assist with relaxation and calm the mind. While meditating, you can hold the flame in your hand or place it in front of you. Super seven are a beautiful piece of decor for your house or office. To add a touch of natural beauty to your environment, set them on a shelf, table, or desk.

  • Weight:  5 grams
  • Gemstone Size:  24mm x 9mm
  • Depth:  4mm
  • Length with Bail:  36mm

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