Tibetan Buddhist Meditation 7 Chakra Bell Set

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These chakra-aligning tingshas are designed to maintain energetic balance during sound healing practices. Crafted from brass, an alloy known to encourage courage, confidence, and inner trust, this traditional Tibetan pair is connected by a genuine leather cord. Each is painted in a colour representing one of the seven primary chakras and adorned with the Sanskrit symbols for each energy center, concluded with two vertical lines signifying a full stop, or period, in Sanskrit.

Chakra Bells, also known as Tibetan chimes or hand bells, produce a clear, high-pitched tone when struck together. This sound is believed to attract positive energy, establish a ceremonial space, and celebrate both endings and beginnings. Utilizing tingshas can help align your chakras, enhance energy circulation, and elevate vibrations.

Incorporating a chakra bell into your space-clearing and energy-purifying rituals can be beneficial. The bell's sound is believed to repel negative entities and instill tranquility in the environment. The profound mystique of chakra-aligning chakra bells stems from their Tibetan origins, where Buddhist practitioners traditionally used them in meditation and ritual practices. Their lingering tone is thought to have healing and purifying effects on the spaces they fill. At its core, music is a universal language that establishes connections between us and the divine. When it is created with heartfelt sincerity and pure intention, it transcends to become a spiritual expression of the highest and most universal significance.

Chakra bells are designed to activate and align the various chakras, the energy centers within and surrounding the physical body. They can be envisioned as vortexes that transmit and receive information between Earth and the Spirit Realm. In a healthy system, energy flows seamlessly and without interruption. Transitioning into a state of balanced energy can enhance well-being, happiness, and a sense of tranquility.

During meditation, use these chakra-aligning chakra bells to create a sacred space and rebalance your energy centers. Their soothing resonance purifies and uplifts any setting in which they are used, due to their enduring tone. The healing qualities of these tingshas stem from their operation on an energetic level, aiding in chakra alignment, enhancing energy flow, and elevating vibrations. May they bring you peace, quiet, and healing in your daily life and spiritual pursuits. If you decide to use them, may they serve you well. So it shall be.

This is a collection of seven chakra-aligning bells, each measuring about 8 inches in diameter.

    • Root (Red): Grounding, stability, and connection to Earth.
    • Sacral (Orange): Creativity, sensuality, and emotional flow.
    • Solar Plexus (Yellow): Personal power, confidence, and will.
    • Heart (Green): Love, compassion, and healing.
    • Throat (Light Blue): Communication and self-expression.
    • Third Eye (Indigo): Intuition, insight, and spiritual vision.
    • Crown (Purple): Connection to higher consciousness.

The bell is about 8 inches high.


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